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Honora Wool Specialists History

The shop was named after the daughter of the original owner who, as a child, remembered being in the shop during the Second World War and listening to the sounds of hobnail boots and rifles being slung to the floor in the flat above.

The shop is situated in the medieval town of Christchurch. Construction of the Priory in Christchurch began in 1094. Legend has it that when the huge main beam was to be put in place, it was not long enough by about a foot, (30cm.)   The carpenter, who was not being paid, went home and that night worried about the problem.  However, the next morning the beam was put up and was the correct length.  The carpenter was never seen again.  Hence the name, 'Christ's church' because it was considered Christ's work.  Part of the main beam remains in the priory to this very day.

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The Priory at Christchurch
Christchurch Priory

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